Your DNA Secrets Revealed

PBS Television Special with Host Diahan Southard

Beginning November 26, 2022, a new television special, Your DNA Secrets Revealed, is showing on PBS television stations across the United States. It is hosted by Diahan Southard, genetic genealogy educator and owner of Your DNA Guide!

What is the show about?

Your DNA Secrets Revealed explores the role DNA truly plays in how our lives are shaped. It uncovers the science behind DNA and reveals the role that genetics plays in each of our lives. It helps viewers understand how the secrets of their future might lie in their past—and why genealogical study is critical to understanding who we really are.

More than just a set of scrapbooks inherited from your grandparents, genealogy is part of the story of how you became you. With the latest technology, putting genealogy and the science of DNA together can help everyone chart a better path forward. Interviews with noted genealogists, biologists, and researchers show the impact of understanding genetics for everyone.

Your DNA Secrets Revealed also shares powerful transformative stories of individuals who discovered surprising results from testing their DNA — and reveals how those results helped them make smarter, more informed choices about their health and well-being. For instance, recent research has confirmed how common genetic mutations are in people who develop cancer. The preventive intervention of DNA testing is becoming more common and can provide life-changing results, from understanding the BRCA mutations that can cause breast cancer to diseases like Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, that are often overlooked. 

What role does Diahan Southard play?

At first, Diahan was interviewed as an expert. The producers liked her so much, they asked her to host! “I can’t even clearly communicate to you how honored I felt,” says Diahan. “Being the host meant I was able to follow this project every step of the way, and it has been so much fun. I even got to fly to New York and record in a real studio!”

“This is exactly the kind of show I would want to make myself,” she continues. “It is a show about regular people–often genealogists–who have a passion for family and for discovery. And, it was made for PBS (U.S. public television). That gave me the extra level of assurance that this would be a high quality program with a message I could get behind.”

It communicates all the things we value in family history and DNA testing. It showcases a wide range of experiences, and helps us see the transformation that learning about your family can bring. I love how this show doesn’t focus just on the moment of discovery, but catches up with these families later, too, to see how this information has impacted them long-term.”

How can I watch the show?

In the United States, on your local PBS channel. PBS–the Public Broadcasting System–is FREE public television. No subscription is required to watch their scheduled programming on a traditional television or online at

First, see if the show appears on your local PBS station schedule (starting November 26).

If you don’t see it, or if your program schedule doesn’t show that far ahead, contact your local PBS station and request that they pick up the show. Let them know how much you love learning about DNA and genealogy; if you’re a supporter of your local station, let them know that, too!

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