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Not with us! We help you quickly figure out what you want to know. We save you time, money and frustration
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What does DNA testing REALLY tell you about your ethnicity?

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We do DNA education right

DNA can be a powerful tool for discovering your origins–if you can figure out how to use it.

But a lot of DNA education happens in one-time webinars or articles. While helpful and inspiring, these don’t deliver the ongoing, interactive experience most people need to make their own DNA discoveries accurately and confidently. Most people need:

  • Expert teachers who break down the science into EVERYDAY LANGUAGE
  • Step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS for tasks linked to their specific DNA goals
  • TIME to process what they learn
  • PRACTICE: exercises and repetition to master new concepts
  • Clear next steps to BUILD on their knowledge
  • HELP when they get stuck
  • a FUN and CONFIDENT learning environment so the discovery experience remains rewarding

The SPIN Process

All of these principles are built into our signature SPIN learning process, offered in our Academy Courses and Workshops. These are interactive, sustained experiences where you:

  • Study the concepts
  • Practice on guided activities
  • Implement them with your own DNA results, and take
  • Next Steps based on your discoveries and goals

We also offer get-started solutions you can use to advance your learning independently: our popular DNA Testing Company Tours and Your DNA Guide–the Book.

Our company founder, Diahan Southard, has been helping people use DNA to explore their roots for over 20 years. She started her career at the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, which created the DNA database that became AncestryDNA. After witnessing the power of DNA for family history–and the difficulties people face in using it effectively–she launched a pioneering career in DNA education.

Over the last 20 years Diahan has given hundreds of lectures on DNA from Burbank to Oslo, London to Seattle, to crowds of tens to thousands. Diahan’s talents for making DNA accessible, exciting and relevant are on full display as host of the PBS special, Your DNA Secrets Revealed. Diahan teaches on global platforms such as RootsTech, GenealogyTV and Legacy Tree Webinars. She appears on popular genealogy podcasts and is a DNA columnist for Family Tree Magazine. Read more about us.

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