DNA Test Results

They don’t mean much if you can’t understand them

When you get your DNA test results, you’re hoping for answers. Or at least some insights that can satisfy your curiosity. And your results DO offer those.

But it’s not easy to navigate those DNA test results. That’s why we created Tours of the biggest DNA testing companies–so you can confidently understand what your DNA test results are telling you!

Our Tours help you explore the answers that are right in front of you. What do those ethnicity maps and percentages really mean? Who are those DNA matches? What additional insights can your results give you about your roots? With our step-by-step, guided Tour, you’ll be CONFIDENTLY exploring answers in no time!

Here’s what people have been saying about our popular AncestryDNA Tour, the first one we launched:

Diahan was really good about explaining the basic science without dumbing it down too much. I loved that! This isn’t a ‘look-at’ video series–it’s a ‘stop-and-go-through-it’ experience. I already knew some things about AncestryDNA, but now I can connect all the dots and really understand what I’m doing there. 

Judie Greenhalgh

The AncestryDNA Tour will help you make sense of your DNA matches, and put you on the path to finding out how you connect with your DNA cousins.

Stacy Ryan Mangum

Featured Tour: AncestryDNA

  • Nearly 90 minutes of engaging video instruction segments so you can enjoy short, easy-to-learn segments; additional activities bring the experience to a total 2-3 hours
  • An on-demand experience so you can go at your own speed: start, stop, and come back if you need to, or re-watch whenever you want
  • A colorful, 16-page, interactive, printable PDF workbook you can fill in–and which becomes a useful reference guide
  • Indefinite access to your Tour, with occasional updates as MORE exciting new tools or features are added to your AncestryDNA experience, so you can KEEP learning MORE of what your DNA can tell you
  • BONUS: A handy digital edition of the AncestryDNA Quick Reference Guide, with at-a-glance reference for the important tools and features you’ll want to visit on the site