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Millions of people around the world have taken DNA tests at 23andMe—second only in number to AncestryDNA. Is it right for YOU? Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard has this advice. Then KEEP READING for tips on using your 23andMe test results to answer questions about your family history.

Should I test with 23andMe?

  • Many people who are seriously searching for birth relatives or family tree-building DNA matches test with both 23andMe and Ancestry.
  • 23andMe also specializes in offering genetic health reports as part of your testing experience. They were the first company to do this, and remain a global leader in consumer DNA testing for health insights.
  • 23andMe includes an XDNA report with its autosomal test results, which is helpful when trying to determine how you’re related to your DNA matches.
  • Many people appreciate 23andMe’s genetic family tree tool, which proposes how you may be related to your matches based on your genetic connections.
  • Some people also like to use 23andMe’s chromosome browser.

Use 23andMe to learn more about your family history

Many 23andMe testers glance at their results once or twice and feel disappointed that they didn’t learn more. Your 23andMe test results have more to tell you than you think! And we can help you explore them.

Our 23andMe quick reference guide shows you what tools to use and how to use them. You’ll refer to this in-depth, inexpensive guide again and again. Note: If you’ve taken the Health + Ancestry test, please carefully read the advice given you in the Health reports. Take any concerns to your health care provider.

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Ready to learn more? Your DNA test results may be able to tell you so much more than you think. There is a bit of a learning curve. But you don’t have to be a scientist to learn to DO the DNA!

You just need more helpful, plain-English tutorials like these from Your DNA Guide.

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