AncestryDNA Review

AncestryDNA* is the most-taken consumer DNA test in the world, with over 25 million testers. But is it right for YOU? Watch this review from Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard. Already tested? Explore resources for understanding your AncestryDNA test results.

  • Their ethnicity estimates and genetic communities reference well over 1000 historical ethnic and migratory groups.
  • In mid-2022, Ancestry nearly tripled the number of countries in which their tests are sold. Watch for your list of international DNA matches to grow over time.
  • Because so many people test here, your chances of connecting with genetic relatives (whether for genealogy or find your birth family) can be much higher.
  • AncestryDNA’s tools for exploring DNA matches and building your family tree are second to none.

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Consider an Ancestry subscription with your AncestryDNA test, which will give you access to Ancestry’s records and more AncestryDNA features. Not sure you need an Ancestry subscription? Give it a try with a two-week free trial.

Understanding AncestryDNA Test Results

Many who have tested don’t realize HOW MUCH their results can actually tell them. They glance at their results once or twice and feel disappointed that they didn’t learn more. We can help!

The AncestryDNA Tour with Your DNA Guide is an online learning experience in which you’ll learn to navigate your way confidently around your AncestryDNA test results. This inexpensive yet essential resource will help you work with your matches, understand your ethnicity results and use the various additional tools that make AncestryDNA a leading genetic genealogy testing site.