Add A Pedigree Chart in Ancestry

Let's face it: genetic genealogy needs GENEALOGY to be successful. There may be several things holding you back from adding your pedigree to your AncestryDNA account. The number one thing I hear is that you don't feel like you will be helpful as you don't know very much about your own family history. Let me reassure you: whatever you know is helpful. So let's start with what you know and build out from there.


Create & Manage Trees


The first step is to login to your account (you can create and manage trees even with a FREE account). Select the Create & Manage Trees item from the TREES menu at the top of your account page.


Create a new tree

Choose the Create a new tree link.

If you already have a pedigree chart in a genealogy software program like RootsMagic or LegacyFamilyTree, you can export a Gedcom (the name they give genealogy files) and then just import it here.


add what you know

Using this screen just follow the prompts to begin adding what you already know about your family history. 



Coming soon: adding a pedigree to 23andMe, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, and LivingDNA websites.  Check back soon for these updates!

If you want to get more fantastic tips on how to get started on your family history, I highly recommend Lisa Louise Cooke's website.