Chromosome mapping

overlay of chromosomes and DNA matches

overlay of chromosomes and DNA matches


Chromosome mapping can be a fun way to track your genetic genealogy process. Essentially, you use the match data for you and your known cousins to assign specific pieces of your DNA to specific ancestors. There are certainly many ways you can approach this yourself.

DNA Painter is a great free online resource for chromosome mapping.  To use DNA Painter, you will first need to register:  

DNA Painter register

Once you are registered you can create multiple DNA profiles:

DNA Painter Profile.jpg
DNA Painter Profile Information

Once you have created a profile, you will see a empty set of chromosomes:

DNA Painter Profile Page

Click on "Paint a New Match" to start painting your chromosome and assigning them to your ancestors:

DNA Painter Paint a New Match

You will then input your shared chromosome match data:

DNA Painter Shared DNA Input

Click on "Save Match Now" and you can assign these segments to your shared ancestor, indicate if they are a match on your maternal or paternal side, and assign it a color:

DNA Painter Save Match Page
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.17.02 AM.png

DNA Painter will then color code the chromosome graphics to correspond to your ancestors:

DNA Painter Chromsomes painted with match data

In my Organizing Your DNA quick guide I briefly cover Kitty Cooper's tool and the tool as part of the GenomeMate suite. 


Genetic Genealogist Dave Bindon has developed a spreadsheet for this purpose (way to go Dave!). Due to his very generous nature, he has agreed to share it, as well as his instructions, with the genetic genealogy community. 


If you would like help with chromosome mapping don't hesitate to schedule a mini consult and we can get you started!

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