X DNA for Genealogy

X chromsome inheritance graphic

Your XDNA is tested as part of your autosomal DNA test, but not every company is using or reporting the results.

Family Tree DNA is currently the only commercial testing company providing X-DNA match information. However, if you tested at a different company you can transfer your results to GEDmatch in order to see X-DNA matching information. 

Here’s how to see how to view your XDNA match information on Family Tree DNA:

Family Tree DNA XDNA view.jpg

Here’s how to see it in GEDmatch:


Because of the unique inheritance pattern of the X-DNA, knowing you are an X-DNA match with someone may help you find your connecting relative, or at least eliminate which relatives CAN'T be the ones connecting you. Looking at these X-DNA inheritance charts you can see which ancestors could have contributed to your X-DNA, and therefore could be the ones connecting you with your X-DNA match.


Many times the pieces of XDNA you share are so small that having a connection on the XDNA may not be significant, so be careful.

If you would like help transferring your DNA results or figuring out how to make heads or tails of your XDNA matches, schedule a Your DNA Guide mentoring session. We can walk you through the process!