Use DNA to Find Ancestors

We all have them: unknown ancestors who dangle on the tips of our family trees. We spend years looking for them, or wondering if the ones we found are right. Paper trails don’t always provide the answers. So that part of our family tree just stops growing.

The truth is, your DNA may be able to tell you who those mystery ancestors are. Their sought-after names may appear in the family trees of your genetic cousins. The ones who appear on your DNA match list (or who will appear when you decide to take a DNA test).

Admittedly, it may take you a while to find your elusive ancestors. Take an organized approach. Start with a good hard look at your Known Matches: the people on your DNA match list to whom you already know your relationship. Examine how much DNA they share with you. Look at their family tree (if they have one, even an unlinked tree). Look at your shared matches.

Those tasks will get you off to a good start. There’s more to this process, and lots of alternate strategies along the way. We’ve summarized the process in a free download for you. Grab your copy so you can get started!

See how others are finding ancestors using DNA

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Now do you believe us? Seriously, please download our free guide and get started using your DNA to identify those mystery ancestors!