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Autosomal DNA testing is the most common form of DNA testing for family history. That’s because it’s affordable AND it gives you insight into BOTH sides of your family tree—your mother’s side and your father’s side.

The autosomal DNA is a great place to start your DNA journey. This is the kind of DNA test you purchase from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Living DNA and MyHeritage DNA—and one of the kinds of tests you can purchase from Family Tree DNA. Your test results provide you with ancestral ethnicity percentages and a list of your genetic relatives who have tested at that company.

How to Use Autosomal DNA Testing for Family History

Here at Your DNA Guide, we teach you how to understand your results and use the tools on your testing website to identify unknown biological relatives and build your family tree. Here are some of our best resources, including several SHORT, FREE ARTICLES below on autosomal DNA testing.

Once you’ve tested, you’ll want to get to know your testing company tools really well so you can get the most out of your results (those tests aren’t cheap!). We think your best next investment will be to purchase our freshly-updated Autosomal DNA quick reference guide (3rd edition) PLUS one of our quick reference guides specific to your testing company:

Next, we recommend reading these free articles on autosomal DNA testing for family history:

And here are some articles specifically about those ethnicity results, which are so popular we’ve devoted an entire series to the topic:

Need HELP?

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