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Family Tree DNA is one of the genetic genealogy giants. But many who have tested there don’t fully understand their test results or what to do with them. They wonder how accurate those ethnicity results are. And what should they do with all their DNA matches? We have answers.


Exploring Family Tree DNA Results

Here at Your DNA Guide, we provide free and do-it-yourself resources for getting the most out of your Family Tree DNA test results. Whether you’re curious about your ethnic heritage, searching for biological roots, or hoping to expand your family tree, we can help you! Keep reading for a series of FREE tutorial articles.


First, though, we highly recommend purchasing our freshly-updated, unique AND inexpensive Family Tree DNA quick reference guide. This must-have guide to understanding your Family Finder (autosomal) results is an in-depth and comprehensive aid that you’ll want to refer to again and again.


Something special about Family Tree DNA is that it is the only major genetic genealogy testing company that sells YDNA and mtDNA tests to explore your paternal and maternal lines, in addition to its autosomal Family Finder test that explores both sides of your family tree about 4-6 generations deep. Here are several free articles that can help you understand and navigate your Family Tree DNA results.


There’s LOTS more on our blog that may help you with your specific DNA testing goals. Explore topics such as these:


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