MyHeritage DNA Review: DNA Testing for Family History

This MyHeritage DNA* review can help you decide whether testing with (or transferring to) MyHeritage is a good move for you. Then KEEP READING for tips on using your MyHeritage test results to answer questions about your family history.

Should I take a MyHeritage DNA test?

MyHeritage is known around the world for helping people reconnect with biological relatives and ethnic origins. The site offers strong tools for discovering your relationships to your DNA matches and rebuilding your family tree. You have two great options at MyHeritage: purchase a test there or transfer your DNA test results there from another company.

If you’ve already tested elsewhere, it’s easy to transfer your DNA test results TO MyHeritage, and I definitely recommend it! Transferring is free, and for a modest, one-time fee (which is totally worth it!), you can upgrade your transfer to include all their amazing, advanced DNA tools.

Understanding MyHeritage DNA

Many who have tested don’t realize HOW MUCH their results can actually tell them. They glance at their results once or twice and feel disappointed that they didn’t learn more. That’s where we come in. Find our free and premium resources below for using your MyHeritage DNA test results!

There’s a lot to do and see with your MyHeritage DNA results. That’s why we created the MyHeritage DNA quick reference guide, available internationally as a digital download. This in-depth and comprehensive aid helps you get the most out of working with your DNA matches, understanding your ethnicity results and using the more advanced DNA tools on MyHeritage.

Explore your DNA match list on MyHeritage

More MyHeritage DNA tips and tutorials

How to attach a family tree to your MyHeritage DNA test. This activates some of the best features at MyHeritage, giving you easy access to shared surnames, locations, and ancestors with those you match.

If you have tested directly with MyHeritage, here’s how to download your raw data. This saves your test results to your computer for safe-keeping. You can also upload raw DNA to another company like Family Tree DNA or Living DNA for FREE.

If you have tested at any of the major DNA testing companies, you can transfer your DNA results to MyHeritage for FREE. To get the most out of this experience, though, I recommend paying a one-time $29 (USD) fee to unlock their full suite of powerful DNA tools.

Learn More about DNA Testing for Family History

DNA testing to learn about your heritage can be exciting. It can also be tricky, whether you’re interested in ethnicity, biological relatives or building your family tree. Our purpose is teach and empower YOU to “do the DNA!”

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