MyHeritage is one of the big genealogy giants: a place to research your family tree, take a DNA test AND do genealogical research in old records. Here are three key items you may want to review about DNA testing at MyHeritage.

Link Your DNA to Your Pedigree at MyHeritage

Linking DNA to Pedigrees

One of the very most important things you can do at MyHeritage is to link your DNA sample to your online tree. This activates some of the best features at MyHeritage, giving you easy access to shared surnames, locations, and ancestors with those you match.

Download Raw Data from MyHeritage

Downloading Raw Data

If you have tested directly with MyHeritage you will want to download your raw data. Your raw data is really just a file containing a really, really long list of numbers. But that list defines you. You should save it to your computer for your own records. You can also upload it to another testing company like FTDNA or LivingDNA for FREE.

Transfer Raw Data to MyHeritage

Transfer to MyHeritage

If you have tested at any of the major DNA testing companies, including AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or Family Tree DNA, you can transfer your DNA results to MyHeritage for FREE. Yes, free. It does require a membership to MyHeritage to access all of their features OR an inexpensive $29 fee to unlock their DNA tools, but you can still see your match list and some other information for FREE.