MyHeritage DNA Review: DNA Testing for Family History

This MyHeritage DNA* review can help you decide whether testing with (or transferring to) MyHeritage is a good move for you. Then KEEP READING for tips on using your MyHeritage test results to answer questions about your family history.

Should I take a MyHeritage DNA test or transfer there?

MyHeritage is known around the world for helping people reconnect with biological relatives and ethnic origins. The site offers strong tools for discovering your relationships to your DNA matches and rebuilding your family tree. You have two great options at MyHeritage: purchase a test there or transfer your DNA test results there from another company.

If you’ve already tested elsewhere, it’s easy to transfer your DNA test results TO MyHeritage, and I definitely recommend it! Transferring is free, and for a modest, one-time fee (which is totally worth it!), you can upgrade your transfer to include all their amazing, advanced DNA tools.

Take a Tour of MyHeritage

Many DNA testers glance at their results once or twice and feel disappointed that they didn’t learn more. Whether you transfer or test there, your MyHeritage test results may have more to tell you about your family history than you realize! And we can help you explore them.

The MyHeritage Tour with Your DNA Guide is an online learning experience in which you’ll learn to navigate your way confidently around your test results. This inexpensive yet essential resource will help you work with your matches, understand your ethnicity results and use the various additional tools that give you insight into your heritage.