DNA Courses: FAQs

Q: Can I join the Course after it’s already started?

While we would love to accommodate late arrivals, that won’t be in your best interest. You’ll lose too much by not starting with the rest of the group. Sign up for the free Your DNA Guide newsletter to hear about future Academy Courses.

Q: What if I get stuck doing my homework?

Check the message boards to see if one of the threads answers your question. If it doesn’t, post your question in a new discussion thread. Should you find you still have questions toward the end of the course, submit them for the live, online Q&A.

Q: Yikes! The Course I want is full. Is there a waiting list?

When classes fill up, we may open new sections or offer waiting lists. Again, get on our newsletter list to stay informed.

Q: I love attending Diahan’s classes at conferences and your webinars. How is this different?

This isn’t just a fun-but-onetime event like a webinar, but rather a series of progressive, extended-length, hands-on tutorials and experiences. You’ll work on real-life examples (including your own test results, when applicable) and discuss your ongoing questions on the message board and in the live Q&A at the end. This model helps ensure that you’ll learn more confidently and completely. And remember: webinars come and go, but you get to KEEP this course! Recordings will be available in your personal courses page for as long as we offer the Academy.

Q: What additional Courses will you be adding in the near future? How can I stay informed about them?

The best way to keep up is to subscribe to the free newsletter, where everything is announced first.

Q: Do you offer these courses for genealogical societies to participate in?

We are currently developing options for societies or groups to run their own private classes for their members. (Like everyone else, I miss meeting in person with my favorite groups, and it’s so fun to be in a class with friends!) If you’re interested, please contact Diahan.

Q: What is your refund and exchange policy?

Got a schedule change that doesn’t work with your course purchase? We understand that life happens. Check out our return and exchange policy.