Link Your MyHeritage DNA Test to Your Family Tree

Your DNA testing experience at MyHeritage will be more successful if you attach your test kit to your family tree. Even if you don’t know a lot yet about your family history, create and connect a family tree anyway. Whatever you know may prove helpful.

How to Link Your MyHeritage DNA Test to your Family Tree

1. Log in to your MyHeritage account.

2. Create or upload your family tree on MyHeritage, if you haven’t done so. Here’s a quick video demo from the folks at MyHeritage on creating your family tree on the site:

If you already have a family tree on another website or in software, download or export a copy as a GEDCOM (.GED file extension.) Then on the MyHeritage website > Family Tree menu, choose the option to Import GEDCOM. Import that file.

Be sure you are identified in your family tree! (Or, if you’re working with someone else’s DNA test, that their name is in the family tree.)

3. Once you have a family tree on MyHeritage, go to your profile in that tree (or the person’s profile whose DNA test it is). Open the profile window, which looks something like this:

4. From the profile, choose either to purchase a DNA test from MyHeritage OR to upload your raw DNA from another testing company (this is free). This will assign that DNA to this tree profile.

5. From the DNA Upload page: You can also go right to MyHeritage’s landing page for uploading your DNA. When you do, you’ll be asked whether you’re uploading your own DNA or someone else’s (if the latter, you’ll have to affirm you have permission to do so). You’ll be prompted, if needed, to assign the DNA kit to the right person on your tree.

And THAT’s how you connect your DNA to your family tree on MyHeritage!