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The amount of information you get with your DNA test results can be overwhelming. Ancestral ethnicity percentages. Hundreds of DNA matches. Where do you even start to make sense of it all?

Start here! We are Your DNA Guide. Below we’ve addressed common questions in free articles where you can learn as much (or as little) as you like about DNA testing. If you need more help, you can always ask us. We offer personal mentoring sessions and expert DNA research services. But why don’t you see what you can learn on your own first?


Get Started: DNA Test Types

An autosomal test is the first DNA test most people take—and with good reason. It looks at both sides of your genetic family tree, about 4-6 generations deep. Women and men can both take mtDNA DNA tests to learn more about their biological mother’s ancestry. YDNA tests are taken BY MEN only, and they look at the genetics of their paternal lines.Choose an article to read more about each of these tests.



Choose Your Question and Where to Test

These articles can help you figure out what question you want to “ask” your DNA—and what testing company you should choose.


Understanding Ethnicity

We actually have an entire series on understanding what DNA companies can tell us about our ancestral ethnicities. These ethnicity reports started as “cocktail party conversation pieces” but are gradually becoming more accurate and precise. The most important takeaway: check your results every so often because they may keep evolving as your testing company’s ethnicity categories continue to be refined and updated.



Get the Most Out of Your DNA Testing Company

Each DNA testing company has its own strengths and weaknesses. Click on your company for articles and resources on using each site’s unique tools to learn more about your heritage.


Working with Your DNA Matches

You’ll likely have a lot of questions about how to identify and communicate with your DNA matches. We have answers—and tons of inspiring examples!



Advanced DNA Tools and Techniques

Once you’ve gotten the hang of working with your DNA matches, you may want to try some more advanced genetic genealogy strategies. Here are several to try!


Your DNA Guide Blog

Our blog is an ever-growing resource for all things related to genetic genealogy! Find the news, tips, how-tos and strategies you need, from beginners to more advanced genetic genealogists.  

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