1. Login to your Ancestry.com account.

2. In the top menu under DNA, click on Your DNA Results Summary.


3.  Clicking on the gear on the right that will take you to your settings.

4. On the right there is a box called “Actions.” Choose “Download your raw DNA data.”

You will be asked to enter your Ancestry account password.

Then you will be directed to check your email for a confirmation of your request.

5.  Head over to your email inbox and click on the email you just received from Ancestry.

This is what the content of that email looks like.  Just click on “Confirm Data Download.”

6. Clicking will take you back to your Ancestry page where you click on “Download DNA Raw Data.”

This action will download a file to wherever your internet downloads are usually stored.  The file looks like this.

Now that you have your AncestryDNA raw data, you can try it out on other sites.  Here are two suggestions to get you started. Just click on the image to find out how.