Genealogy Gift Ideas | For yourself or others

What kind of gift do you have in mind?

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DNA Testing

Company: AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, LivingDNA

Great for: Anyone who is curious about their roots, looking for birth relatives, or building their family tree. (Test your oldest generation for the deepest insights into the past!) 

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Price: Holiday pricing starting as low as $59

Company: Family Tree DNA

Great For: Genetic males looking to document or learn more about their direct male line.

Price: Holiday pricing starting at $99 (reg. $119)

Company: Family Tree DNA

Great for: Anyone looking document or learn more about their direct female line.

Price: Holiday sale price is $129 (reg. $159)

Learn DNA/ Genealogy

Company: The Search Party

Great for: Anyone who has been curious about family history and needs concrete steps on how to go about doing it.

Price: $97

Company: Germanology Unlocked

Great for: Anyone with German ancestors. 

Price: $649

Legacy Family Tree Webinar Subscription

Company: Legacy Family Tree Webinars

For who: That special someone in your life that just can’t get enough genealogy learning. Membership includes unlimited access to Legacy Family Tree Webinar’s library of nearly 2000 pre-recorded webinars.

Price: $49.95

Company: Maureen Taylor – The Photo Detective

For who: Anyone with family pictures they’ve been trying to identify or learn more about.

Price: Special price for Your DNA Guide customers – only $69.98 (reg. $100)

Share Discoveries

Company Name: Family Chart Masters

For who: Your friends or family members that want an eye-catching way to display their family history.

Price: Varies

Company Name: Legacy Books

For who: Yourself or others who want to create a premium, keepsake-quality family history books.

Price: Varies

Stay Organized

LucidChart Subscription

Company: LucidChart

For who: That person in your life who’s always looking for the way to get–and stay–organized with their genealogical information. Read our full review of how to make the most of the features at LucidChart here

Price: Starting at $7.95

Curl up with a Good Book

Author: Nathan Dylan Goodwin

For who: Bookworms looking for their next genetic-genealogy inspired mystery.

Price: Starts at $5.49

Family Tree Magazine Subscription

Company Name: Family Tree  Magazine

For who: The family history learner who wants to keep updated on a little bit of everything related to genealogy.

Price: $20-$30