Do It Yourself Genetic Genealogy


The most efficient way to find answers to your questions is to ask an expert. In these online mentoring sessions, our expert genetic genealogist will be able to answer up to 1,000,001 questions (yup, that’s all you get!) to guide you exactly where you need to go. Aren’t even sure what to ask? That’s ok, we can take you on a tour of your test results to show you exactly the tools you need to move forward. Learn more

DNA Quick Reference Guides

These four page, laminated guides are exactly what you need to know and nothing more about your DNA test results. With one for each test type and most testing companies, you will learn the foundation principles of genetic genealogy and how to apply them in your research.

Video Tutorials

You know you should be able to use your DNA test results to help make sense of your genealogy, but you just aren't sure how to go about doing that. Wonder no more! With access to these plain Englisheasy to understand and apply videos you will be entertained and educated and on your way to making your DNA work for you.

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Want to know how to add your family tree to your testing company? Or better understand what a centimorgan is? Or learn about how to use XDNA? The vast expanse of the internet may hold the answers, but we have gathered them right here for easy reference.