Transfer DNA Test Results to MyHeritage DNA

If you have taken a DNA test at, 23andMe, or Family Tree DNA, you should consider transferring your results to MyHeritage DNA, another DNA testing company. Doing so exposes your results to more people who have had their DNA tested AND it gives you access to MyHeritage’s suite of genetic genealogy tools!

Free option: When you upload your DNA for free, you’ll get access to your list of DNA matches (and the ability to contact them). If your matches have posted ancestral surnames you share, you’ll see a list of those, too. It’s a good start, but you’ll probably want more.

$29 (USD) unlock fee: Paying a modest, one-time fee unlocks the rest of their advanced DNA tools, which are TOTALLY worth it! Here’s what those tools are and why I suggest paying that fee

Uploading Your DNA to MyHeritage

1. Go to the MyHeritageDNA transfer page.*

2. Hover over the DNA tab at the top and click on ‘Upload DNA Data’:

3. Click on the start button.

4. If you have a MyHeritage account, click on the ‘login” to login to your account. If you don’t have one, then you will need to create a MyHeritage account.  

5. Specify if the data is from your sample or if it belongs to someone else. If the data belongs to someone else, you can enter the name of the person to whom the data belongs. This is helpful if you upload and manage multiple people’s data.

6. Read the MyHeritage terms of service and, if you agree with them, accept them.

7. Click ‘Upload.’

8. Navigate to the location on your computer where the raw data file is saved and click ‘open’ to upload it.

9. Wait while the file is processed. Don’t close the browser while the file is being uploaded.

10. You will get a confirmation message that the file was successfully uploaded.

From there you can upload more files or go to the ‘Manage DNA kits’ page to check the status of your DNA kit.

Should I pay the MyHeritage transfer fee?

YES, I suggest paying the optional one-time unlock fee ($29 USD last time we checked) so you can access MyHeritage’s powerful advanced DNA tools. These include their ethnicity estimate and even more specific Genetic Groups; the Theory of Family Relativity to help you figure out how you’re related to your DNA matches; and advanced tools such as their Chromosome Browser and AutoClusters. An exception would be if you’re going to maintain a qualifying subscription, which includes the advanced DNA tools. But if that’s not currently in your plans, read why the transfer fee is worth it. 

How long does it take for MyHeritage to process my transferred DNA test?

It takes some time for MyHeritage to analyze your data. It usually takes a few minutes or hours to get ethnicity results. It can take a day or two to get match results.

If you want some help utilizing the bells and whistles at MyHeritage, visit our MyHeritage DNA resource page and consider purchasing our MyHeritage quick reference guide.  It will give you all you need to know to use the tools at MyHeritage to apply YOUR genetics to YOUR genealogy.