Missing 4th Cousins on Your DNA Match List

About half of your 4th cousins who have tested at the same site probably AREN’T showing up on your match list! This short video explains WHY.

Missing DNA matches.png

DNA testing is a powerful tool for finding genetic relatives who don’t show up on your pedigree chart—and for being introduced to genetic relatives who are on your tree but who you don’t know personally. As I’ve said in a previous article, you may have to weed through hundreds of matches in, say, the 4th cousin range, to identify your actual 4th cousins, so matching doesn’t necessarily serve you up fully-identified relatives on a silver platter.

Here’s another twist for you. Many of your actual 4th cousins may be missing from your DNA match list, even if they have tested on the same site you have! This sometimes confuses people. Here’s a short video tutorial clip showing how this is the case:


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