Celebrating the First 25 Years of Genetic Genealogy!

Melanie Mohler

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Your DNA Guide is celebrating the first 25 years of genetic genealogy! Get the free commemorative book and watch the special RootsTech celebration with several genetic genealogy pioneers.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of the field of genetic genealogy as we know it! To celebrate, Diahan Southard has gathered reflections and stories from 34 key voices and visionaries from the field in a book called So Far: Genetic Genealogy, the First 25 Years (1999-2024). Here’s what she told those who contributed:

“Leaders in genetic genealogy have witnessed and participated in nothing less than a revolution. We should record what we know, how we experienced it, and what it means to us.” -Diahan Southard

Collectively, these DNA luminaries and leaders reflect on how DNA discoveries have opened a Pandora’s box; celebrate progress; speculate on the future; and consider how the field has impacted their own lives.

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The commemorative book features stories and contributions from the following genetic genealogists:

  • Megan Smolenyak-Smolenyak
  • Scott Woodward
  • Bennett Greenspan
  • Ann Turner
  • Ugo Perego
  • Diahan Southard
  • Scott Fisher
  • Roberta Estes
  • Tim Janzen
  • Jim Bartlett
  • Blaine Bettinger
  • Daniel Horowitz
  • Debbie Kennett
  • Kitty Cooper
  • Angie Bush
  • Michelle Leonard
  • Paul Woodbury
  • Kelli Bergheimer
  • Judy Russell
  • Dana Leeds
  • Drew Smith
  • Diana Elder
  • Nicole Dyer
  • Leah Larkin
  • Nathan Dylan Goodwin
  • Mary Eberle
  • Mags Gaulden
  • Aimee Rose-Haynes
  • Jonny Perl
  • Brianne Kirkpatrick
  • Laura Olmsted
  • Cheri Hudson-Passey
  • Lori Napolitano
  • Margaret Press
  • Penny Walters

RootsTech also hosted a panel of genetic genealogy pioneers that spoke about the 25th anniversary on February 29, 2024. If you missed “Genetic Genealogy Turns 25: DNA Experts Tell Their Stories” at RootsTech, you can watch it here:

Want to learn more about the early beginnings of the genetic genealogy field? Read more about the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation

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