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Sunny Morton

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Connecting with DNA matches isn’t easy. But Rosilyn Rayborn has connected so successfully, she’s launched a podcast of conversations with DNA matches! Learn more, including tips for getting your matches to respond to you.

When Rosilyn Rayborn entered the world of DNA testing, she was excited to see what it could tell her about her ancestry. “With the very complicated African American history in the U.S., connecting the dots [to my overseas ancestors] is not as simple as finding a record of my family’s Ellis Island arrival,” she writes on her website.

Besides, she says, “I wanted to do more than connect dots. I wanted to connect with people. Connecting dots is fun, but the picture becomes even richer when you color it in—connecting with these newfound relatives adds so much color and depth to our ancestors’ stories of the past and to the stories we’re writing in the present.”

Connecting More Meaningfully with DNA Matches

With her DNA test results, Rosilyn quickly found that while she was learning about her immigrant roots, she wasn’t making those personal connections she’d hoped for. She wanted to exchange something more meaningful with her DNA matches than “Oh, you’re my (20th!) 6th cousin; we share .03% DNA!” As she says,

“I wanted to find a way to make real use of the information I discovered.”

Then she thought of music. “Music is universal and timeless,” she writes—just like DNA. “So why not create a playlist compiled by people with whom I share DNA? I asked every person I was related to one simple question: What’s your favorite song? And Universal DNA Playlist was born!”

Her website includes free step-by-step instructions for how to connect with your DNA matches through music, as well as her playlist. She’s even mapped out her matches on an interactive Google map: just click on a location to see the match’s first name, location and favorite song. And yes, she has their permission to do this.

I caught up with Rosilyn at RootsTech 2020 and grabbed this quick video clip. See for yourself her vibrant energy and passion for connection!

Conversations with DNA Matches: A Podcast!

Rosilyn rayborn podcast Bites & Banter.jpgAs her video mentioned, Rosilyn’s taken her interactions with some DNA matches a BIG step further. She’s started a podcast that records her conversations with them. Wow! How’s that for meaningful DNA connection!?

We’re excited to help her announce that her first episode is ready at

We know Rosilyn isn’t the only one to wonder about how to reach out to DNA matches. Lucky for you we’ve put together our best tips on how to contact your matches. Check it out and see what it can do for you on your DNA journey.

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