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The new Living DNA Wellbeing Kit offers reports that focus on diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices that affect health conditions. Also: a $49/£49 Starter Kit. Here’s the scoop.

This just in! Living DNA* today announced their entry into the health sector with a new value-priced DNA Starter Kit, a Wellbeing Kit, and a Wellbeing + Ancestry Kit. (Their standard Ancestry DNA kit is still available.)

We’ve not had a chance to evaluate for ourselves the descriptions provided by Living DNA below. But we have written previously about two things we love about Living DNA: their specific subregions for British Isles ethnicity and their deep DNA ethnicity timeline. If you’re considering testing at Living DNA, you should read those articles.

Living DNA Starter Kit

The Living DNA Starter Kit ($49/£49) is the best value DNA kit available. It’s perfectly designed for people who’ve heard about DNA testing but are unsure about which type of test to take. It gives you a taster experience of what is possible through a simple mouth swab. You can see:

  • Your global ancestry breakdown across continents
  • The ability to find people around the world who you share DNA with
  • A nutrition report determining if your genetics indicate that you are prone to Vitamin D deficiency
  • The type of exercise your muscles respond to best

The test includes a broad analysis of your DNA but if you want to explore a deeper or wider range of reports, a simple one-click process will unlock the next step in your DNA adventure. Starter Kit customers can upgrade to the Ancestry experience for $49 and the Wellbeing experience for $69.

Living DNA Ancestry Kit

Living DNA’s ancestry experience ($99/£99) is the most advanced in the industry, working to determine not only the countries where your ancestry is from, but where possible, sub-regions within those countries. You will:

  • Experience your ancestry at different points through history
  • Uncover people who genetically match with you and are part of your ‘extended family’
  • Learn about areas of the world where people live today who share your DNA
  • Receive your recent ancestry report showing the countries and, where available, subregions your ancestors are from over the past 1000 years
  • Delve into your extended ancestry exploring the migration paths your ancestors took out of Africa 80,000 years ago through today

This complete view of your ancestry is delivered through an intuitive interactive online platform as well as an optional hardcover personalized coffee table book for $69.00. Ancestry kit customers will be able to upgrade to the full Wellbeing experience for $69.

Living DNA Wellbeing Kit

Living DNA’s Wellbeing experience ($129/£129) is designed to cast a light on your unique genetics that play a part in your quality of life. Discover how through understanding your body, it may be possible to improve the quality of your life by making adjustments to your diet and exercise.

Living DNA provides you with reports that indicate how your body responds to lifestyle-related analysis such as:

  • How your body responds to different vitamins
  • How your body breaks down foods to which your body may be sensitive to such as gluten or lactose
  • How your body responds to different types of fitness.
  • How we can help you understand what type of exercise best supports your body, for instance, DNA can indicate if you are better suited to running and sprinting or weight and circuit training.

Using a simple mouth swab, your DNA is analysed on the unique Living DNA system that allows them to provide a range of advanced reports focused around your goals. From weight management, vitality and digestion to strength and stamina, you will discover how genetically, your body breaks down different vitamins, food types and the exercise program that can support you. Understand the role genetics plays with your lifestyle choices and how you can optimise your wellbeing. Customers who order at launch will also receive a complimentary 180-day updates package, worth $39, that provides new reports as Living DNA releases them. Wellbeing kit customers can upgrade to the ancestry experience for $49.

Living DNA Wellbeing + Ancestry Kit

For our most complete experience, the combined Wellbeing and Ancestry DNA kit ($179/£179) brings all the benefits of the two detailed products together at an incredible price. The combined DNA kit will enable you to understand the full depths of your ancestry, bringing family stories to life and unlocking goal-orientated wellbeing reports that help you to live a greater quality of life.

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