Genetic genealogy requires genetics + genealogy!

During your DNA journey, you’ll probably find yourself extending your own family tree, and maybe even those of your DNA matches. Whether you’re just getting started or could use some inspiring strategies and case studies, we’ve got you covered….

Start Your Family Tree

You’ll need to build (or find) a family tree file you can attach to your DNA test results. Read these articles to learn how to build (or find) the best possible tree–and attach it to your DNA profile.

3 Quick Ways to Get a Family Tree for DNA Matching

Extend Your Family Tree

Once you’ve got a basic family tree, you’ll probably find yourself needing to build it out. Perhaps you’ll want to push past your great grandparents on your maternal side, or add the descendants of your 2x great grandparents on that mystery side of the family. Use these records and resources.

Strategies and Case Studies

Organize Your Search with The Search Party Course

A few top genealogy educators have put our decades of collective experience together and have distilled down an exact process to get you exactly what you need to DO GENEALOGY.

It’s the Search Party Course! It is easy enough for the most basic beginner but will work over and over again for the most advanced problems.

It’s a series of 17 videos, hands-on homework, an interactive digital workbook, and more.