Sisters Reunite after a Lifetime Apart: A Must-Watch Documentary

Through a DNA discovery, two sisters, both abandoned as children, overcome incredible odds to find each other, though thousands of miles apart. Watch this short but unforgettable video documentary!

Birth sisters DNA documentary biological siblings.png

At MyHeritage LIVE last week in Amsterdam, MyHeritage debuted a touching new documentary with the story of two Korean sisters who were separated by circumstances and sent halfway across the world from each other—then brought back together as adults. Guess how? Yep, DNA testing at MyHeritage.

Being present at the premier of the video was a special experience, mostly because these two sisters were also at MyHeritage LIVE—and they were every bit as engaging in person! Their story represents that of many people who have found answers and connection using a DNA test. It also brings up many of the complexities facing those who are looking for answers. Theirs is not a straightforward case of adoption or sperm donation. While we don't know the circumstances regarding their parents’ need to leave them with strangers, they were clearly not simple. Watch the story here:


It’s easy to see that these women have filled a place in each others’ lives that has made both of their lives richer. And that is why we do family history. To bring connection.


I hope you’ll share this documentary! And if you’re looking for your own answers about your biological origins, you might appreciate this article on identifying a birth parent through DNA testing.