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Kelli Jo Bergheimer

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23andMe surveys and studies invite you to contribute your feedback as a citizen scientist. Learn more from Kelli about 23andMe’s research surveys and studies.

I’ve never met a survey I didn’t like! How about you? 23andMe surveys and other periodic questionnaires give their customers many opportunities to contribute as a citizen scientist. (According to them, more than 80% of their customers opt-in to research surveys.)

How to find 23andMe surveys

After you log in at 23andMe, you can find surveys on your dashboard (the main screen you’ll see after you log in) under “Featured Posts.” You can also go to the Research tab and choose “Surveys and Studies.” Questions range from your thoughts on the Sunshine Protection Act to “Make Daylight Savings Time permanent?” to COVID-19 vaccination responses.

I took a Hand Arthritis study. I’ve had osteoarthritis in my hands and feet since I was 16 years old. Below are some examples of the different kind of surveys 23andMe offers.

It’s great that 23andMe gives a link to any research reports. 

Some questions leave me scratching my head! 

I tried the Color Block Task to look for color vision deficiencies. My father is color deficient and so are my twin sons. I am not certain I sequenced the color blocks correctly. I could tell most of them were different blues, greens, and purples.

Should I participate in 23andMe Surveys?

That’s entirely up to you. Clearly, I’m all for it. As their website says, “By answering online survey questions and allowing researchers to combine your genetic data with millions of other data points, you can help drive scientific and medical discoveries.”

After you test, you’ll be asked if you want to opt into their research surveys. You can change your mind at any time. Their research projects are reviewed by an independent ethics committee, and they do publish their findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Additional discoveries on 23andMe

After you answer questions or complete surveys, there are more! You can visit the Discoveries page. I want to see what conditions are common in people like me.

When I go to the Discoveries page, I can choose to expand any field to learn more. Look at this “early bird or night owl” summary. Of the research participants in my age group (45-60 years old), approximately 90,000 people surveyed and 52.5 percent are morning people. That definitely rings true! I am an early bird, typically up around 4 am. I have never owned an alarm clock. I don’t need it.

The diagram shows two genetic markers associated with circadian rhythms, rs35833281 and rs9479402. So, what can you do with this information? You can read more about using DNA testing for health reports here.

You can see if there is any information at SNPedia about those two locations: rs35833281 and rs9479402. I can also see which alleles I inherited at the other 23andMe listed locations by searching my raw DNA file.

You can also check for those locations in your Promethease health report or search the Promethease output file for circadian rhythm. There are eight different entries in my Promethease health report that have some mention of circadian rhythm. 

There is plenty more to learn from 23andMe with your DNA test results! Consider taking the Your DNA Guide 23andMe Tour to learn how to navigate 23andMe and analyze your DNA matches in 23andMe.

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Kelli Jo Bergheimer

Kelli Bergheimer is a writer, teacher, editor, and national genealogical speaker. Kelli is the Director of Curriculum and Assessment for Blue Kayak, a K-12 textbook company. Her passion for education reaches beyond the classroom to teach others how to use genetic genealogy to solve family history mysteries. Kelli also works as a DNA editor for Legacy Tree Genealogists.


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