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Diahan Southard

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Family Tree DNA has added cute, customizable videos to your mtFull Sequence DNA test results. Here’s what they look like and how to share them.

mtDNA test results video movie IO.pngFamily Tree DNA recently announced a catchy freebie that now comes with your full-sequence mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test results: a personalized video summarizing your results.

Of course, I had to go take a look right away. I went to my dad’s mtDNA results. (What? Men have mtDNA? Yep. They just don’t pass it on to their kids like women do.) On his dashboard, I could see right away where to click to request the video:

Family Tree DNA mtDNA journey video.jpg

After choosing an avatar and providing his parents’ names to customize the video, I requested that it be generated and they sent me a link.

The video doesn’t reveal anything new about his mtDNA results. It’s more about sharing them. I like that it explores both your deep ancestry and your match list. The animation is engaging and interesting. The personal touches are fun. Like in the opening scene the picture on the wall in the background says “I ❤ WA,” which is where he was born.

Here’s what it looks like:

The only downside is the mechanical computer voice. But it’s still cute. And very shareable! Anything to pique the interest of other relatives. You can share the video by sending the link to someone OR you can go onto the site (after your video is generated) back to the same mtDNA Journey page. There’s a Share button on the page where you may either copy the link or click to share on Facebook or Twitter.

Family Tree DNA mtDNA testing haplogroup.pngIf you’re interested in mtDNA testing, remember that Family Tree DNA* is the only major genetic genealogy testing company that sells a full-sequence mtDNA test. The mTFull Sequence test examines all regions of mitochondrial DNA, identifies maternal haplogroup and migration paths, and reports more refined results (for genealogical purposes) than their basic mtDNA test. The video only comes with the mtFull Sequence test.

You may have some mtDNA questions on your mind now. We have answers:

mtDNA+2nd edition.pngStill wondering whether mtDNA testing would be a good choice for your DNA questions? Or would you like help navigating your mtDNA results? Purchase our inexpensive but essential quick reference guide to mtDNA. Freshly updated, it covers the different mtDNA testing options available, as well as how to use these results in your family history.

Take me to that mtDNA Quick Guide!

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