Sharing Your Family History


We all have important family stories to tell. But how can we SHARE those stories most engagingly with those we love? Sometimes we need to get them excited about their heritage first. Here are a few suggestions for doing that.

Click on the image to download the Mad Lib PDF file to fill in with your family.

Click on the image to download the Mad Lib PDF file to fill in with your family.

DNA memes

Lots of teenagers love memes. They might just appreciate these memes about DNA and family history! Feel free to download and share these memes to promote genetic genealogy with younger generations.

DNA “Mad Lib”

A “Mad Lib” is a fill-in-the-blank story that you fill in—without knowing the context. The results are usually pretty funny. I’ve created something similar you can print out about your DNA. Ask your kids or grandkids to fill in the blanks. Don't let them see the story while you are writing it! This is great for car trips or around the dinner table. Have some fun with it!


Group storytelling

Some families would enjoy acting out stories from your family history. Provide printouts of short stories and a box of props. Here’s a family history storytelling activity you can do at your next reunion or other gathering.

Discovering Your DNA Story

Your DNA has a story to tell, too. Maybe you’re not quite sure what that is yet—or you’re not sure how to explain the value of DNA testing to your relatives. Consider purchasing my DNA quick sheets, which contain clear, concise information on how to interpret and use your DNA test results.